That 90’s kid

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Maybe I’ll dial your number on the landline
and sip coca cola in a cool restaurant
where they only play Michael Jackson and Backstreet Boys;
watching people in flannels and striped shirts cross the road
with beads in their hair, in every colour known to man
Or get techno in a neon overload
wearing those glow-in-the-dark sneakers
Turn my Gameboy on to Contra and Super Mario
deciding who goes next with rock, paper, scissors
or a game of marbles

Tune the radio to the perfect frequency at family dinners
Careless Whisper and Hotel California rewinding and playing
on a loop, in the walkman I share with my sister
Some time after school on the tiny TV, no streaming
with Rugrats, Powerpuff Girls and the real Tom and Jerry
not robots and pigs steeped in awkward innuendoes
back to that monochrome logo of dear ol’ cartoon network

Maybe rent a bad movie from the shady store
read parts of Sidney Sheldon novels and banned books at sleepovers
sing Barbie Girl and tacky remixes without knowing what they really mean
dress our dolls and braid their hair, even colour em pink and green
Buy candies that sparkle and burst like firecrackers in the mouth
paint nails in colours that swirl with a floating universe of suns and stars
Get Britney posters and casette tapes from the local shop
have Harry Potter themed parties in the treetop loft

Some of it makes me sick, still some of
makes me ache
Like a cotton candy overdose in the fair at the town square
I’m alright here- even happy, yet I do miss there
You might say nostalgia romanticises the past but that’s not what it is
This new world makes me feel like I was better off when things were simpler and easy
and didn’t have to think of who I was or wanted to be
when filling the blanks of a slam book with its cheesy questions

How strange that I’m now one of those who can say “During my time”
Have memories of an era that to others is only a fragment of the grand design
Is this what grandparents and parents constantly feel-
how things have changed- how it used to be, versus how it is?
Maybe it’s why some live in a state of constant comparison- they can’t help it-
sinking back to a past that begins to seem as alien as the present…
Perhaps they want to remind themselves that it was both real, and relevant
and thank the heavens for museums…which finally begin to make sense

© Isha Garg

4 thoughts on “That 90’s kid”

  1. This is some fascinating and detailed writing about a decade which could be any decade but was the most peculiar to have lived through! The brash adolescent of the 20th century and annoying at times! Do bright and quirky and in your face. On the other hand, nostalgia brings pangs. Wonderfully told, it’s almost as if you were there ….🙏🙋

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I would say they were rampant with asymmetrical hairdos, fizzy alcoholic drinks and extended mixes…who knew that songs could be enjoyed three ways at lengths of up to 12 minutes. And loud! 💃🏻

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ah, those 12 minute songs! 😁😘 They’re coming back though, old is new again. Maybe we’re the new teens. Well, you are. I’m about to be born hehheheh 😆


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