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On Divinity

There are so many among us today, who could tell us about what they believe to be the divine; and justly so, for divinity, by virtue of its flexible, interpretative nature, is something that is at once subjective and personal.

Then why is it, dear reader, that this topic has been expounded to no end, emphatically and threateningly, even butchered, if you will, while its very essence is about the freedom of the soul, expression of love – the source of all things divine – and the beauty of being? Why is it, that one must be wary of the believers in different faiths, non believers in any faith and the many fanatics who abound in this world of ours ready to attach meanings to scriptures to suit their convenience, to prevent one’s thoughts from being tainted with negative perceptions, wounded sentiments and offense? And why, is it, that in a bid to explain what it is, we have failed to realise that the divine is inexplicable and inherent, is omnipresent and immune to any offense or gratification, but thrives only in the goodness of the soul and the essence of that ever pure genesis of the source, love?

Divinity does not manifest itself as a cloaked entity in white, sitting above the clouds and watching everyone all the time, radiating love until an act contrary to its wishes is committed, the failure to rectify which earns one the gateway to the everlasting bonfire of agony. I feel that the entities that are worshipped and adhered to must have, in the past, by virtue of being purged with love and recognising their divinity, been able to emit greater vibrations of love and joy, thus having the power to bless and heal, and earning the gratitude and devotion of those on the path of recognising their own. In human folly we have attached fantastical and fanatical meanings to the divine when it is as real and as simple as love, and its realisation within.

One does not have to go looking for the divine in the mountains or the forests, or in any particular country or house – for it resides in everyone and everything, in varying degrees. If we only recognise the divine in ourselves, dear reader, and those that bring it out in us, through acts of love, happiness, kindness, grace, laughter, positivity and empathy, we will succeed in breaking down the rigid walls of false and constructed beliefs to truly understand divinity. Imposing our opinions and beliefs on others will never raise the energies of love within ourselves and those that we meet.

Divinity is found, when we discover and come home to ourselves – and no one else can make that journey for us.

In the healing balm of a conversation and the nepenthe of a warm hug;

in the intuitive indication of the inner voice when one’s soul is in trouble –

in the babbling brook that runs beyond the flowering green hill,

in the moon that summons the tides in waters both turbulent and still;

in creatures that crawl on earth’s vast terrestrial plains,

and in those that fly beyond the barricading mountains;

in the fire of the resplendent sun, that rises every morning,

in the stars that grace the nights, beauty and shine combining;

all around our persons, in our thoughts and in our deeds –

there’s no need to wander in search, o soul,

divinity is in the very air you breathe…

© Isha Garg

59 thoughts on “On Divinity”

  1. Anything and everything we know is just a discovery, if you agree. People have different views, and they have every right to have that. The problem arises when they force that on others, and when/if someone objects; they take it up their ego.
    Divinity can and only exist in calmness. In ancient times, forests and mountains offered respite for the humdrums, so saints used to make it their abode. Nowadays, when our life is ruled by the ticking clock; we have to discover our divinity, like you said, in the very air we breathe.

    Really to the point and sagacious post!!!

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  2. I saved this wonderful piece for what I like to call the “Isha Hour” … that serene time around twilight when the hustle and bustle of the work day is over and the sounds of the city mute. And I am oh so grateful I did.
    Isha, sweet friend, your words move me to tears for here you tap the essence of a soul enlightened, and it’s from this fountain of opinion I willingly hydrate. The prose is artful, and utterly beautiful.
    Applause doesn’t even begin to describe my thoughts on this rockstar Isha post! ❤

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    1. Moving you to tears brings mixed feelings but since I’ve sent the bellboy to deliver chocolates and handkerchiefs, embroidered of course, hehe, I feel relieved. Having said that, your words warmed me up and I knew you’d understand where they come from. You must know how much it means to me that you read my work with not only dedication but affection each time and leave no stone unturned in driving that point home to me in your wonderfully worded feedback😘 I am ever grateful to you sweetest friend! Read your comment multiple times!

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      1. You channel divinity in human form dear author…my tears were those of heartfelt hope and humanity.
        But of course .. I’d never refuse such premium French chocolates! The bellboy was tipped handsomely 👏🏻👏🏻😊😘

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  3. besides the message this post presents to the dear reader, who feels enlightened a little more by another sip of Ishaisms, this post is also to be applauded for its brilliant writing. Its quite coherent and well structured, almost close to divinity itself.

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  4. If you mean what is good and wonderful about us, then I would say YES! I agree 100% with you. But I think most people take it to mean something more spiritual. And this is why it gets argued over to death. Because one god is better than another or how one should use their specialness or live their lives is up for debate. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Isha. 🙂


  5. This is one of your best Isha! Indeed divinity exists everywhere. All we need to do is keep our eyes and hearts open and embrace the divinity 🙂

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  6. We all are a single awareness. There is no me, she, or he. We come from one and merge into one, recycling our spiritual energies. Yes, divinity and religion are often misused to propagate hatred and oppression. It’s something we all must fight on our personal levels. There has to be a beginning, it could be the smallest rebellion.
    Beautiful thoughts. Well expressed. 🙂

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      1. Thank you so much, Isha.
        Your thoughts and writing are beautiful.
        And ‘sage insight’ I’m not sure, but struggle does somewhat enlighten a person. 🙂
        I appreciate your kind words.

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