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The Thought

Should I clasp Your outstretched hands from worlds above,

my earthly sorrow to cease –

or will You deny me another gift hence, (having thwarted your first),

saying, I deserve the grief?

What heat is this, my present state –

all discomfort, all despair,

no zest for life, no faith in fate,

where ‘fair is foul and foul is fair’?

How then will I go on, and why,

when nothing more doth please;

where eyes have cried so much they’re dry,

is it so selfish to want to sleep?

Why do age old testaments haunt me with their writings,

when for all of science they may not be true?

Why do I fear the consequences of sleeping,

and fearing, thus, remain perpetually blue?

© Isha Garg

18 thoughts on “The Thought”

  1. I cannot understand this poem. The thought is the poem?
    The poem seems to be two parts, the first ending with the Macbeth line (which is the only line I can speak with certainty 🙂 and the second takes us to sleeping, or is it a reprieve being sought, for ‘having thwarted you first’ ?


      1. Ah..I would have never guessed but now that you said it, why, it makes perfect sense and reads like the profound pieces written by you. I was wondering if you have gone too esoteric for my feeble poetic disposition 🙂

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      2. haha you know I am too blunt to be esoteric, as for you, its in the primeval waters of inchoate verses that great poetry comes to being.

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  2. I don’t think you are a classic writer reincarnated. You are a classic writer original, appropriate for any time and you occupy a place in my heart forever more …. 💜 ✍🏻

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