Ishaisms, Poetry


I wonder why you perch or trot
when you get to fly?
I couldn’t ever imagine even wanting to settle
If I had freedom like yours…
All the expansive firmament, her cool breezes and showers
are first yours; yours
the blushing dawn too, as is the first ray of gold
Why then would you even seek repose
upon sills and ledges and wires,
when you could easily
make abode
on the tall, perfumed pines?
What is it like to have wings and soar
into dimensions the human body can only dream of,
and its soul vaguely remember,
yet only in the deepest sleep?
How close are you to the heavens?
How often seen nocturnal clouds and morning stars?
What natural miracles have you seen firsthand?
What wholesome peace known, so vastly above the crowd?
Do angels summon you when no one’s looking;
ask you to take a feather to ones looking for a Godly sign?
Perhaps it’s only right then, that we can’t commune…
so we can believe in magic and aspire to something beyond this earthly life…

© Isha Garg

11 thoughts on “Bird”

  1. It is wonderful and inspiring to read this, after busy times and distractions taking me away from viewing your posts. You continue to refine your art, exploring the limits of metaphor and imagery with economy of words and sincerity of style.

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