Ishaisms, Poetry

Market Square

Is that the cost of inspiration, then?
You steal from the artist an idea,
a thought, a penny, in the market square
and say it’s borrowed?

Is that the price you pay for a good deed
not unpunished; the law of Karma nullified;
not returned by another fair and square –
stolen, to be returned tomorrow?

And returned by whom? Another one –
another Star leaving sparkles everywhere
that you may bend to tie your shoelaces in the market square
and come back up with a loot – to be stolen in its turn…some other morrow.

© Ishaisms

30 thoughts on “Market Square”

  1. You are ultimately responsible for your response to thives. I feel sorry for such lost souls and pray for them. They will never be sated as takers never are, they’re always thirsty and will not be quenched. Wise words from your “dear grandfather” Wishing you find peace and love in all you endeavor.

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  2. Dearest Isha…. I was saddened to read your post today. It is a beautiful poem, but must have been painful … to write. It is truly a violation to have your work taken without your permission. I can relate. It probably happens more than we know. I wrote a poem once… about some abandoned Teddy Bears. Not long after, I saw my poem taken by another blogger….someone in England and credited to he himself. It was not a good feeling! I like what your grandfather said….wise words! The problem is ….that someone capable of taking another person’s words and calling them their own is devoid of a conscience. You could never steal another person’s work… because you have honor and would not be able to live with the shame. I’m sorry that this happened to you. I would like to think…. that if he/she read your blog today ….that they would reflect upon their actions and stop taking from you, but I’m afraid that might be overreaching. So…I would just, put it in God’s hands. Sending you positive energy to help you to get through this day. 💙

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    1. See, that’s what I’m talking about, Patty – but for someone as creative and imaginative as you, no one would’ve thought of abandoned Teddy Bears! What a precious, inspired thought – it’s hard to come to terms with this aspect of plagiarism – the theft of the inspiration you were blessed with, you were gifted with – because that aspect isn’t only yours, it’s a gift from Providence.
      I’m sure I’m not alone in this, but that doesn’t make it any easier.
      I’m touched by your words, and ever grateful for you. 💕

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  3. So sorry this is happening to you, Isha. Very sad that people have to steal another’s work.
    It almost discourages one to create/post.

    I have missed reading your work. I am doing well, slowly getting back into blogging.
    I will be announcing a side project soon, I hope I will have your support there as well.

    Hope you and yours are well. Siempre.

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    1. It is extremely discouraging, Drew, I agree.

      I’m so glad to see you back! Really missed you, and relieved that you’re better. Yes! The side project – I love it and am already cheering you there 💕

      I’m well, and more so by knowing you’re better too! Siempre.

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  4. Dear Isha, I am so very sorry you have to deal with this. I know how gutting it feels, this kind of violation. I don’t know if it will help your heart, but sometimes it helps me to remember that they may take our words but the truth will always, always be ours. Love to you. ♥️🌹

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    1. I really felt that! Thank you, Allison. I’m sorry if you’ve been through something similar in knowing how the violation feels. I love writers because they seem to be the only ones who can truly understand what it’s like. I’m so grateful. ❤️❤️🌹
      More love to you.

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      1. YW. Wrong or otherwise, but I personally feel violated (creatively and emotionally raped) by these obtuse and heartless thieves. I can be charitable, up to a point and know full well my sainthood will be delayed but then again, we’re only human. As for me, my artistry works or mission is taking the ugliness bestowed upon me by others and recreate something more beautiful in its place to leave behind.

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  5. It’s really sad to know that others steal your work just to get more recognition. It’s the most pathetic and disgraceful way to climb up that success ladder. It’s really nice to learn new writing techniques, feel motivated by someone’s writing, even try to find new subjects through other’s work but to steal the work is the worst way one can cheat on themselves. But you know, the thing you don’t own doesn’t last for too long and in today’s world, people find out the original stuff sooner or later. Don’t let these clowns let you down, there’s a whole lot of people out here who love reading new stuff from you and I’m sure there’d be others too. Cheer up, much love ❤

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    1. There’s so much here to take heart from, especially how you so insightfully point out about them cheating on themselves. Perhaps it’s time to truly appreciate the joke and laugh at the “clowns”. Thank you, AB!

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  6. This shows your agony. I don’t know what satisfaction these copycats derive. Theft of anything, including IPR is a heinous act and must be condemned in the strongest terms.

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    1. I agree. If only there were stricter laws. I’ve had photographers, designers and other artists reach out to me with their stories and it’s absolutely disgracing and demoralising how there isn’t much they can do.

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