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Words of a Melting Candle…

I woke from a heavy slumber upon being lit again.

A mere stub now… That stature and pride of youth gone, but leaving behind like molten wax trickling down my wintry body, the illumination of wisdom that comes with time and a lifetime of service.

Would you like to hear a dying light’s flickering words that may spark up some of your own, dear reader? Would you like to share these silent, luminescent moments this doomed night, just you and me?

Oh I would introduce myself, but what’s in a flame, eh? Is that a cackle of laughter I hear from you, or just a crackle from my own fire, clinging on to the moribund mortal’s undying hope to leave behind something memorable – a smile on your lips perhaps?

But still I maintain, that there’s nothing in a flame.

And once I’m an obsolete, hardened, cold mess – won’t you refer to me as just the body, a shadowless flame, no recollection of my service – immediately replaced by another more valuable, (replete with promise of persistence and long lasting loyalty)?

But I bear no heated feelings for you, benevolent one, that gave me lasting memories; bright mind, that enlightened me with engrossing pages I perused beside you; and kind one, that forgave me when, unbeknownst to me, I shed an ivory tear or two upon your skin…

The clock ticks away.

Take a look out that floor length window partly palled by the pink drapes that seem crimson in the dark – oh, take a look, dear reader, won’t you? – for tonight, even the moon looks dull – for this last light of mine shines with more passion, more vigour than any moon or even the thousand stars in the shimmering chandelier of the nocturnal sky. I sigh even as the wind sends a soft good-bye breeze to me… No windflaw for us tonight, dear reader. Just the warmth of my fire, and you – sitting here, reading me…

Ah, look, the lonely moth, my old friend, has come to visit and hover by me, whispering goodbye.

You dismiss it with a wave of your impatient hand, ever so slightly swaying the wispy flame that rests upon my wick.

Close call, whew!

These past few minutes have weakened me and the pinkish red glow of my youth has almost vanished, making me blue… a thin ash-gray begins to escape straight up to the heavens, and for a moment, I burn bright, bright, bright as the yellow sun – watch closely, for you might just miss it!

Did you see that? A grand glow, wasn’t it? Such sparkling splendour! Oh will you remember that for me, dear reader?

But now I begin to see the pale daylight – never a good sign for one like me! No, it’s not the dawn, dear, it’s me! Poor me, that is fading away, melting into my own self…

But fret not, my friend, for I am merry and content in the knowledge of having fulfilled my purpose, served this lost world, and brightened your dark times…

This white light is almost blinding…

It’s time to go.

But promise me one thing, dear reader, will you? Promise me you’ll rem-

© Isha Garg

Doodle by Isha Garg


106 thoughts on “Words of a Melting Candle…”

  1. but whats in a flame, there is much more to the quaint humor in here. It seems through the melting candle you have poured out the kind-hearted soul you possess, a certain proclivity towards seeing at the bright side that is consistent in your posts, an attitude to overdo favors because it makes you feel good..and I can go on as if I know you so well 🙂
    The writing, given the demanding topic, never lets it down, each line it feels came straight from heart and yet presented well. A great read for a sober mind on a wed. night and a beautiful doodle for the sober eyes after the recent hiatus.

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    1. What an adorable comment from a sober ESP… So sober, you were sent straight to spam folder! Enjoyed reading your comment thoroughly.
      Overdo favours, hahah. Glad you liked the doodle. An uninspired doodler found her way back to a cast-aside hobby. Kind hearted soul can only look at the bright side to get her through this thing called life… 😊 I feel the truest reflection of a person is in what they’re passionate about and I’m sure readers like you (especially ones as perceptive as you, like Diana) who’ve read me for so long, know more about me than say anyone who hasn’t. I guess all I’m trying to say here, after having digressed a lot, is THANK YOU, ESP! Truly appreciate your lovely feedback!

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    1. You comment brought tears to my eyes, Walt.. I don’t think that’s ever happened on WordPress. Thank you so much my dear friend… You always say you write from the heart, today you wrote from your soul and it touched mine! ❤

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      1. You are so welcome Isha. It’s been a long time since anything I’ve read here moved me so much. This is an incredible piece of creative writing and I am in awe of your talent. I an so glad we found each other’s work and became such good friends. I just Reblogged this and followers take the time to see your talent. Hugs to you dear friend. ☺❤

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      2. I am glad too Walt! You’re somebody I’ve always connected with in your simplicity and poetic straightforwardness, ever since you began reading me. I remember your wonderful comment on ‘The things that could have been’ – something my grandfather (an ardent follower of my work) often mentions. Moving a writer like you is my privilege!

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    1. Oh your words make my soul dance! 💛 I am so grateful to my dear buddy too. Thank you for taking your time to visit Ishaisms. Such a privilege! Sorry for the tears, Susan 💕 best wishes

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  2. I came here from Walt page and couldn’t go without sharing my thoughts. Poetry that drips out of this melting candle speaks volumes as I could see the subtle symbolism…your words paint the picture of a woman, who has spent all her life in selfless giving, brightening the world of others and is going away happily. Superb choice of words Isha, I have read and re-read it and found some new nuance each time. Thank you!

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    1. Thank-you Balroop… This was something I had written only to entertain myself but it rather took on a life of its own as it progressed! Life of a candle, man, woman… Any mortal I guess close to dying would like to be remembered. I’m so so glad you made your way here to share such brilliant words! Thank you ❤

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  3. I’m pretty sure this is the first time I want to say … I wish you did not post this….not here, online. This mighty piece I would want in an officially published edition: a literature quarterly of promising writers. And the picture, on the very cover with raised cold wax like material to run my fingers across.
    An absolutely beautiful piece Isha! I’m almost a convert to panpsychism after listening to the candle’s voice, despite my own love of personification.
    You have lulled the me into this dimly lit room, illuminating my soul with the bright light of your impeccable creation here. Brava bella! ❤

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    1. Your words seep into my heart (and head), hehe. Maybe when I publish, I will show the publishers this comment and get the post added there… 😍😊😘
      Convert to panpsychism… Wow. Of all the ‘inanimate’ things that may have feelings, I feel a candle has the most to say. And of course a desk. Or a book haha. Train of thought has left the station! 😛 Join me there my sweet friend so I may tell in the few words at my disposal, how much I adore your comment 😊❤

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  4. This is your masterpiece Isha.!❤️
    I read it umpteen number of times and I still couldn’t find a word to justify the beauty this particular piece carries.
    Left me breathless, the candle may melt and die but her words will remain engraved in our souls forever.❤️🌸

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    1. Thank you, so much, Sameera… Your comment is always so heartfelt and so, all the more appreciated. ❤ Funny how a couple of people referred to the candle as her.. I thought of it as an old man. Hehe. 💛Love readers and their take on posts😍


  5. A candle, a love, a life…
    we burn, we melt,
    we wait for the light
    and then we fade
    to the place all flames go
    leaving behind
    the memory of a candle
    once burning bright.

    Wonderful words in wax!

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  6. This piece is FANTASTIC!!!!! You are amazing!!!!! I was captivated and mesmerized! Wow!!!!!! My heart be still! Love your drawing, as well! I can not find the words to express how moved I was by your post. You are an incredibly, gifted and talented writer!!!!! 💙

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my! Patty, YOU MADE MY DAY ❤😘 I’m so thrilled at and thankful for your words! “My heart be still”… I relate to your words in my response as well! So blessed for a reader like you. Thank you, thank you!

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  7. Beautiful!! What a lovely poem you’ve written, I really felt it as I was reading it. You had me imagining a candle in front of me, wanting to admire it, you actually feel for that candle as your reading along, I loved it!!! You have a lovely day ^_^

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  8. And replacement comes so easy to us doesn’t it; the fact that someone, something gave away everything, submitted oneself so that we could be brighter gets replaced in a jiffy! Life

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  9. I keep coming back to this over, reading it again, and I am not sure why. The imagery of light and wispy flames perhaps. A clock ticking away. A dull moon. Images and metaphors I tend to return to again and again in my own writing, but distinct from my own. Thank you, Isha, for making me ponder.

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    1. Sometimes, having a written a piece, I fail to notice the little details that make poetry/prose/prosaic-poetry beautiful, and it is only insightful readers like yourself, George, that draw attention to it – almost like drawing a lit candle to dark spaces and gossamer corners – words won’t justify how much I appreciate and respect such readers. I celebrate a writer of your caliber returning to a post of mine! Thank you.


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