September ’22

Many weeks have come and gone before, yet the one coming is brand new
though hopeful and daring I forge ahead, I’m taken over by betrayal’s blues
Old leaves must fall for the new to arise, yet this time, the autumn is me
Old relationships, old bonds must die, yet it’s my soul that will be free

Freedom- freedom. Two sides to this coin, and both must this my heart face
Everything is new, I’m different this time, but I still hold my innate grace
The poet’s curse, to feel things so keenly, this sword is double-edged, 
There’s a part of me that is lonely, part of me wants to skip ahead

But autumn must come and all my leaves shed, one by one to purify and clean
Letting go of ties that bind to trauma and dread, is harder than it seems
But I will stand, stark and bare, and brave the strong winds of change,
For birds that have always flown solitary in the air, the winds are but friends

© Isha Garg

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