I see myself, in warm weather
Under deciduous shade,
boughs droop above me,
sultry, swelter, shelter
Golden orbs floating around
Green lights above me,
River powdered in leafy neon,
scattering, swirling, streaming…
The usual icy nip of my hilly home
giving in to the sun and letting go,
breathing easy, breathing warm.
I’m safe here. Dipped in nature.
Surrounded by myself,
my beautiful, peaceful, loving soul.
I’ve loved this darling earth,
since the beginning of time.
I still love it, it’ll always be mine.
I don’t belong here.
I belong everywhere.
And everywhere is here…
everyday is today.
And I will write a poem.
In this warm weather.
And I will hum and sigh
And watch the glistening water.
Nothing, not even my thoughts
can ever hurt me here.
not even my thoughts,
Can hurt me here.


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