Ishaisms, Poetry

And she laments…

Listen to her lament in sepulchral tones
by ivory moon glade upon the shy river;
she cries for one whose heart is her home,
and longs for the return of her sweet lover…

The robin flits out of its crude, leafy domain,
pausing a moment at the lamenter to gaze –
a song so piquant, he dare not stay n’ refrain
nor give in to her haunting voice and be fazed…

The tree wraps her branches close to herself,
pulls the soil closer for warmth in the icy nip,
for no mortal that dared in this dread to delve
could extricate its soul from that grieving grip…

The wind blows by her, carrying her song –
heavier than it was before it passed that way;
wondering, as it wandered, what was wrong…
and breathing, relieved, that it had not stayed!

And she laments, ‘neath the watching moon
as the shuddering river resounds in the deep…
And she laments – a drooping flower, all alone
for solitude is cursed to live within its keep…

Β© Dark River, a deluge of poetry – Isha Garg
Doodle by Isha Garg


37 thoughts on “And she laments…”

  1. Oh my, this made me want to weep! I had so many thoughts and images run through my mind as I was reading this. I think the final one was that of a wood nymph in a dryad forest grieving over a lost love. That’s where my mind always goes when I think of beautiful things (fantasy lore.) Sigh…so gorgeous, Isha.

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    1. Oh I love that image of the dryad forest and wood nymph. Your mind is a lovely place to dwell in, Larisa – no wonder your verses are so rich! Thank you for that lovely comment. πŸ˜πŸ’ž

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  2. Love the imagery and sentiment in the poem. But also can’t stop looking at your art work. It is fantastic and brings the viewer back again and again to peer in more deeply (and that, for me, makes it great art).

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  3. Oh, what a gorgeous poem and such a haunting finale. I adore this thing.
    I think this may be one of your best.

    On a side note, when I first started following your blog, I thought of you as the blogger who doodles. But your writing has evolved so beautifully. You are now the inspiring poet who occasionally doodles.

    So, happy I didn’t miss this.

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    1. Drew, I’m so glad you didn’t miss this too. I’m indeed indebted to you for uplifting me with such beautifully dedicated words each time.

      😊 That makes me smile. I started doodling when I began blogging two years ago, Drew. Writing poetry began by the age of 7. It was a momentous day when you began following me and I’m so grateful for your friendship.

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      1. You are much too kind my dear. I see other poets getting attention and awards. Including myself. Then, my good friend here, quietly sharing her profound Ishaisms in a little corner of this world.

        You are brilliant and inspiring. I would be so disappointed if you ever stopped writing.
        Thank you for your friendship and inspirations.

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  4. Indeed this catapults me back to when I first happened upon your blog …. the writing style reminiscent of a classic era and the lovely uniqueness of the doodle art. Resurrecting those feelings of appreciation from several years ago is precious delight in a tumultuous world where change can be a dark spectre intent on disruption of inner calm. Thank you for being a calming constant with your art….and thank you for being a dear dear friend. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–

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    1. And my dearest, dearest friend, I’m catapulted to the time when I first interacted with you, and how with every post waited for and looked forward to your words, so much so that now I can tell which line in a certain piece will touch you or make you laugh! I adore you, your poetry, your warm, nurturing friendship beyond expression. Thank you, thank-you ❀😘😘


  5. This poem captures loneliness and solitude between the ivory moon and the drooping flower, but also the quiet nurturing of the tree which wrapping its branches and the soil closer to itself. The mercurial wind passes, but seems grateful to move away from the lamenter so to avoid being drawn down into the grief it perceives as it passes by quickly. It is tempting, as a reader, to be the wind, but more rewarding to stop and reread and review your work as I have now done many times now. As many have already mentioned here, your work is complex and full of depth. You draw the reader deep.

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    1. It’s amazing how perceptive and insightful you are, how blessed with poetic flair to say exactly what you want, and how!
      I am terribly grateful and sincerely blessed to have a reader in you.


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