Song of the Priestess (4)

Gifts of the Muse As soft as love are her Arcadian dreams that unbeknownst to her, she channels;each earthly word with ethereal alchemy evokes both devotion and desires carnal.Zephyr heralds spring in songs she sings, Aphrodite makes a home in her verses;her quill moves the Earth to divine praise; Providence itself smiles upon the Poetess!… Continue reading Song of the Priestess (4)


Song of the Priestess (3)

The Immortal Muse Beckons Awakened, the God takes me by the handcommands, “Come”, to alluring lands,in the wee hours, no presage, no planI'm pulled, prescient; magnetised, andheld by the waist, as he smiles softly behindspurring me on, as his fingers intertwinein mine; and I, dreaming in divine decoybreathe in the perfumes of our poetic ployBoundaries… Continue reading Song of the Priestess (3)


Song of the Priestess (2)

Born, the scribe In this world entranced in idol worshipI have found the living God He demands no sacrifice, no hymnsonly my soul in ink-drops His potent blessings to me are plenty so sweet, they curl my toes coursing through each vein in ecstasythat only in His verses find succour For it is only in… Continue reading Song of the Priestess (2)


Song of the Priestess (1)

God's Kiss When, come the full moon, she prayssolemn, appellant, on her knees,invoking the God, who then descends and lifts her up, saying he's pleased; ordaining for her to simply name whatever gifts she may desire she asks only to sing his praise in lands even beyond his empire;he takes her face between his hands… Continue reading Song of the Priestess (1)

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Telling Beads

One by one each little prayerfalls upon Elysium's ear That in my telling of her beads,Angels may once more appearand say- 'What losses do you grieve now?Why joys pull forth in nostalgic sighs?What cries that in deserts resoundlike mirages of temple bells and paradise?Look, your beads gather dustand fingers bent, ache for warmth and restWhy… Continue reading Telling Beads