Ishaisms, Poetry


He plays the Lyre of all our lives - Artists, a mere string or two do strum. Mocking another's creation by duplicating and tampering with the notes, O Child, is the mocking, the thwarting, of God's own divine hum; and though mere mortals may falter, He always does recognise - the true, from the false… Continue reading Imitations


Method to the Madness

Circuitous these democratic roads of love, broken streets dare not be unveiled; mad spaces gaping wide, a callous yawn in dusty attic reminiscences. Love suffers, dies, breathes its last - (a muffled scream that no one heard) fumes from the nowed coil breaking free in ash and smoke reminiscences. A craft is honed in contemporary… Continue reading Method to the Madness

Creative Writing, Ishaisms, Reflections


I woke up to a terrible storm ravaging my world… An overpowering wind threatened entrance by force as the floor length windows shuddered. The curtains had succumbed to the call of the wind yet remained sucked and concaved into the glass panes, flapping fitfully at the separation. A bleak, gloomy day – pale yellow, as… Continue reading SINGING IN THE RAIN