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You have to listen carefully. It's very faint. Amid the barking and howling of the dogs in the neighborhood, it can easily go unheard. Perhaps it's a good thing then, that it happens around midnight. Come to think of it, most cries do. I don't know when it first began but it's been three nights… Continue reading Heard

Creative Writing, Ishaisms

Words of a Melting Candle…

I woke from a heavy slumber upon being lit again. A mere stub now… That stature and pride of youth gone, but leaving behind like molten wax trickling down my wintry body, the illumination of wisdom that comes with time and a lifetime of service. Would you like to hear a dying light’s flickering words… Continue reading Words of a Melting Candle…

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I woke up to a terrible storm ravaging my world… An overpowering wind threatened entrance by force as the floor length windows shuddered. The curtains had succumbed to the call of the wind yet remained sucked and concaved into the glass panes, flapping fitfully at the separation. A bleak, gloomy day – pale yellow, as… Continue reading SINGING IN THE RAIN