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You come to me in breezes…

You come to me in breezesas I watch the sunsetand the shapes of cloudswafting throughIn the mirror of morning dewthe pale pink of dawnand parting of the miststo reveal sunshine Always ephemeralbeautifully fleetingeasy to adore reassuring The sultry darknessesof Mayaplay with me their dualistic gamePendulumingin cosmic swayI return to the Mayaof night, of dayyet like… Continue reading You come to me in breezes…

God, Ishaisms, Poetry

Telling Beads

One by one each little prayerfalls upon Elysium's ear That in my telling of her beads,Angels may once more appearand say- 'What losses do you grieve now?Why joys pull forth in nostalgic sighs?What cries that in deserts resoundlike mirages of temple bells and paradise?Look, your beads gather dustand fingers bent, ache for warmth and restWhy… Continue reading Telling Beads