humour, Ishaisms, Poetry


There lived a pair o' sisters plain -one judgemental and one mean.Said Mean, one day, to her sibling"Judgemental, I say, you are terribly mean!"Now, Judgemental with mute contempt replied -(oh! that epitome of the smirk n' snide!) That bitter look made Mean's sharp tongue meaner;she cursed till it cut her own lip, like paper.Judgemental scrunched… Continue reading TWO SISTERS

humour, Ishaisms, Poetry

(Please) don’t say hello! – A manual for the socially anxious.

Of the few blessings bestowed upon our kind, loving from a distance is most benign.Declining calls, (then text messaging), a godsent;to openly socialise you never were meant!Bumping into "Hello"ing acquaintances is an ordeal -brace yourself for the range of anxiety you'll feel!Smiling won't come easy, nor making small talk,try looking down (or anywhere else) when… Continue reading (Please) don’t say hello! – A manual for the socially anxious.