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I wonder why you perch or trotwhen you get to fly?I couldn't ever imagine even wanting to settleIf I had freedom like yours...All the expansive firmament, her cool breezes and showers are first yours; yoursthe blushing dawn too, as is the first ray of gold Why then would you even seek repose upon sills and… Continue reading Bird

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There lived a pair o' sisters plain -one judgemental and one mean.Said Mean, one day, to her sibling"Judgemental, I say, you are terribly mean!"Now, Judgemental with mute contempt replied -(oh! that epitome of the smirk n' snide!) That bitter look made Mean's sharp tongue meaner;she cursed till it cut her own lip, like paper.Judgemental scrunched… Continue reading TWO SISTERS

Ishaisms, Poetry

What Happened After War

True, my lover blue, was sweet as sugar to meTrue, she loved her man, and called him honeyTrue, she gave him her all, and two children tooBut the war changed all that- war changes you True, I came home to a house full o' strangersTrue, comfort seemed alien, as did my toddlersTrue, she looked at… Continue reading What Happened After War