Ishaisms, Nostalgia, Poetry

Lost Child

nobody listens when you need to be heard the most from the blues to the utter darkness, couldn't care less, no if there is no room for life after catharsis why am I looking why am I even looking for my northern lights? Sad monotones from sad keys of monochrome sadder dreams of playing those… Continue reading Lost Child

Ishaisms, Nostalgia, Poetry

The things that could have been…

At sixty-five years of age, with silver-greying hair, She sits on her cozy brown-leathered arm-chair; she closes her eyes and drifts back in time, to ponder over the past, and think, about all the things that aren’t, but could have been…   The pages of the past unfold and there she stands- a God gifted… Continue reading The things that could have been…