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Let me leave something beautiful in the worldone good poem, one good heart, one merry moment of dance and songone kind word to the underdogone good kiss to elderly hands, one sweet smile for a loving petseeds to the morning pigeons and doves and a sigh of gratitude for June morningsLet me leave something rebellious… Continue reading Leaving

Ishaisms, Nature, Poetry

Birds of the Courtyard

Where have they gone - the birds of the courtyard - that chirped ceaselessly, before a sharp sound or those chattering monkeys set them aflutter? Do you remember how they descended from their glorious aerial abode to the courtyard, in warm gratitude for the host, delightfully picking at the seeds strewn on winter mornings -… Continue reading Birds of the Courtyard

Ishaisms, Poetry

On a rainy day I sat to read…

On a rainy day I sat to read, with a mug of scalding hot tea... but watched instead the dripping rain, from the edges of the concrete, by the window of my study... In perfect unison did they drip - like the deft finger movements of a pianist, playing a stormy sonata on the neighbouring… Continue reading On a rainy day I sat to read…