Ishaisms, Poetry

Lying on a blue sea…

I'm lying on a blue sea, never sinking, just floating; I'm lying on a blue sea, never dreaming, just thinking. Eyes wide open on a blue sea, chaotic soul, tranquil ocean; eyes wide open on a blue sea, numb senses, heart in motion. Sea of faces on a blue sea, keep talking, not listening; sea… Continue reading Lying on a blue sea…

Ishaisms, Poetry


As the shore thirsts for kisses from the soft cool waves, and the coy leaves in the boughs heave, for the rough wind’s embrace - does a reminiscent heart pine away in longing, through the nights and days. © Isha Garg

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Words of a Melting Candle

I woke from a heavy slumber upon being lit again. A mere stub now… That stature and pride of youth gone, but leaving behind like molten wax trickling down my wintry body, the illumination of wisdom that comes with time and a lifetime of service. Would you like to hear a dying light’s flickering words… Continue reading Words of a Melting Candle