Ishaisms, Poetry

Ebb and flow

Let's forget old scores, stand by the peaceful shores, watch the boats sway and float, in waters that don't rage or roar... but in high tides and low, reach up, to surrender once more; at peace, with the ebb and flow of it all; carrying big and small boats that both sway and float by… Continue reading Ebb and flow

Ishaisms, Reflections, Soul

The Light Within and Without

Dear reader, I was talking to my kid sister a few years ago, when she had just begun to form the incessant questions that children do, and talked a mile a minute, expressing her thoughts and jumping from one to the other so quick, I could hardly catch up; when something about our funny, silly… Continue reading The Light Within and Without

Ishaisms, Poetry, Writing

On the folly of it all…

What's in art? Those fleeting passions, unpremeditated escapades and that's all... They tease with fantasy, imaginary lands and magic, leaving behind only memory: lines, hues, rhythm - that's all... Opening lost doors of the mind, into thoughts tucked far away; conjuring a dream that is lived only to abandon, never stay... For once the pen… Continue reading On the folly of it all…