Ishaisms, Reflections

The Wild Woods

Don’t dare to delve so deep, dear child, into the dark woods that you cannot find your way back… The woods are green and glorious, yes, but the woods are grim and ghastly too. The tenacious woods will trap you within themselves, closing in on you, climbing up your very toes, causing you to tumble… Continue reading The Wild Woods

Ishaisms, Reflections


Have you ever wondered, dear reader, what it would be like to go back in time and meet the child that you were- and tell that happy, innocent, and carefree person, that things would, and will, change; to look right into the eyes of your past and say that the people who seem invincible, would… Continue reading GROWING UP

Ishaisms, Reflections, time


Time is such a deceptive concept – but then again, that’s all it is… a concept. It has different moods, and plays different roles; sometimes solemn, sometimes frivolous; sometimes a healer (or mostly, just a drug); and sometimes a nagger. It takes different forms, like water;coming like the waves that break upon the shore, and… Continue reading THE TIDE OF TIME