I’m tied – a lost, anchored boat, storm tossed in an abandoned land –with the water sizzling up in a flame, a fiery chalice, burning roped bridges wreaking red and orange havoc that smoulders, crackles and drops as the lone soul runs for dear life and the gasping bridge burns close behind…Save me, father, as… Continue reading Unbecoming

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Greetings, and glad tidings!

Dear reader,Hope you've been well! It's been a while since I've written here, but I have been occupied nonetheless, in literary pursuits, so to speak! :)Just wanted to let you know that my book, Dark River, a deluge of poetry, is now also available for the Indian market. You may find it here 👇… Continue reading Greetings, and glad tidings!

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To my dear reader…

My dear reader, your emails and reviews continue to make my day every day! I’m so glad “Dark River” is being thus appreciated. I couldn’t help writing this note of thanks to you! I’m very grateful to those who’ve been so supportive and appreciative of the book on their social media apps and been sharing… Continue reading To my dear reader…