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I don't know what I'm doing or where I stand before these waves on this forlorn strand will the waters inundate me and make me flow or the wind push me away with its aerial force? Lost in this giant abyss and life's unbearable heat I long for the shade, the faraway streets exhausted beyond… Continue reading Elements

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Published Author!

It is with a heart filled to the brim with happiness that I write this today. Writing began at about 7, with the first taste of being published manifesting at 8, in the school annual, and continued with many such beautiful moments, until the world stopped momentarily today, and for once, left me devoid of… Continue reading Published Author!

Ishaisms, Legacy

To my dear reader…

My dear reader, your emails and reviews continue to make my day every day! I’m so glad “Dark River” is being thus appreciated. I couldn’t help writing this note of thanks to you! I’m very grateful to those who’ve been so supportive and appreciative of the book on their social media apps and been sharing… Continue reading To my dear reader…