Ishaisms, Poetry


And life profound, material, significant life will slowly and surely be confined to a sentence, or a phrase holding but a glance from passers by and wayfarers - but never, darling, never, never a gaze... © Isha Garg

Ishaisms, Poetry

O Howling Wind!

O howling wind lead me back home don't let me roll like aimless stones, like dust, dissolve in ancient seas, or forgotten, revolve in galaxies... Speak of words that guide me - whispers of truth, of eternity... Lead me where I find myself; a solemn prayer in love, to dwell... O howling wind, lead me… Continue reading O Howling Wind!

Ishaisms, Nature, Poetry

The Tree

I shed my leaves and stare at the sun stand stark and bare, unafraid to burn; let the roar of the river reverberate and rent the overcast, overwhelmed firmament. Glad tidings to all that curse to see from these harrowing horrors, my release - when charred to a crisp 'neath ash grey skies like the… Continue reading The Tree

Creative Writing, Ishaisms

Words of a Melting Candle

I woke from a heavy slumber upon being lit again. A mere stub now… That stature and pride of youth gone, but leaving behind like molten wax trickling down my wintry body, the illumination of wisdom that comes with time and a lifetime of service. Would you like to hear a dying light’s flickering words… Continue reading Words of a Melting Candle