Ishaisms, Poetry


Come now,Embrace the windBrave it, you know howShed your leaves, you have beforeHave let me down like your very boughs Let me curl up like brown, crushed leavesLet me lay down my burdens and die too.Promise me a fresh start, when the season's doneWhen bells begin to ring and Spring's dawnalights upon the hallowed groundMy… Continue reading Winter

Ishaisms, Poetry

Second Thought

You work up an appetite, cook yourself something special, liked;the aroma tantalises your senses and you take a bite. You relish it,until...suddenly nothing about the day seems all that special.You smile and laugh at the office party;talk and drink, and dance, and make merry.You're lost in celebration,until...suddenly you're there, but not really.You walk back home… Continue reading Second Thought

Ishaisms, Reflections

For my proverbial “someone, somewhere”

On feelings, spirals and Frank Sinatra thoughts It's unfairly ironic that to experience the best the universe can offer one, is to be grateful for the chosen offer before receiving it. In other words, to pre-feel what it'll feel like once you get to feel what you want to feel. Alright, I admit, epic fail… Continue reading For my proverbial “someone, somewhere”