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O Vulnerable One

Why do you hide your hopes and dreams, your darkest sins, your memories, O Vulnerable One? Why won't you let down your walls, show who you are and bare your all, O Vulnerable One? Why do you fear heartbreak and abandonment, veil your truth in layers of raiment, O Vulnerable One? Don't you know that… Continue reading O Vulnerable One

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Words of a Melting Candle…

I woke from a heavy slumber upon being lit again. A mere stub now… That stature and pride of youth gone, but leaving behind like molten wax trickling down my wintry body, the illumination of wisdom that comes with time and a lifetime of service. Would you like to hear a dying light’s flickering words… Continue reading Words of a Melting Candle…

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Birds of the Courtyard

Where have they gone - the birds of the courtyard - that chirped ceaselessly, before a sharp sound or those chattering monkeys set them aflutter? Do you remember how they descended from their glorious aerial abode to the courtyard, in warm gratitude for the host, delightfully picking at the seeds strewn on winter mornings -… Continue reading Birds of the Courtyard