On Samori’s Art

The Nature of Fear, Nicola Samori Say, what is the nature of human fearbut a distortion of a once hopeful prayer,that through disappointment, does morphinto something unholy, dark and drear-a hand extended to the heavens for alms;once hopeful eyes, now sunken, do warnof faith, and it's maddeningly slow poisonthat leaves the soul between hell n'… Continue reading On Samori’s Art


Just a thought

What if faithis a trauma response,a self-justificationfrom a place of self love-or rather survival-to have the hurt make sense,to not feel shunned or alone,and let go of the shameof being the subject-the chosen onefor misfortune?Perhaps, faithhelps one believethey're loved too, thatthey're not the lost child,unloved by the parent;that it is all for a reason,for you're… Continue reading Just a thought