On Fall ’22

I haven't seen any leaves fallthis AutumnThey're still up there, as though waiting, waitingThe air seemsimpregnated with anticipationroots restlessa certain change in the breathingof tree trunks, among the grasses a nervous sighing whisperings in the nightYet, it's almost like they know something's comingYou can sense they're waiting for something to be set rightPerhaps they're waiting...for… Continue reading On Fall ’22

Ishaisms, Poetry, Seasons

Fall leaves, fall…

Fall leaves, fall, in your autumnal grey; now you prepare for the black pall, the naked winter days... Seasons wrap up like chilly pedestrians; each new morning closer to the close; how sanguine seem your yellow surfaces, as if kissed by the sunset's own hues! And like the dying in the final stages, you reveal… Continue reading Fall leaves, fall…


September ’22

Many weeks have come and gone before, yet the one coming is brand newthough hopeful and daring I forge ahead, I'm taken over by betrayal's bluesOld leaves must fall for the new to arise, yet this time, the autumn is meOld relationships, old bonds must die, yet it's my soul that will be free Freedom-… Continue reading September ’22