Song of the Priestess (1)

God's Kiss When, come the full moon, she prayssolemn, appellant, on her knees,invoking the God, who then descends and lifts her up, saying he's pleased; ordaining for her to simply name whatever gifts she may desire she asks only to sing his praise in lands even beyond his empire;he takes her face between his hands… Continue reading Song of the Priestess (1)


Going Home, Sinatra – a short story

The station was empty, save for the moths fluttering by the lemon glow of the lone light bulb. You could almost hear the quietness, the eerie lull so characteristic to my town. Quiet, lost and forgotten little place. Existing in secret.  The train came in, huffing and puffing, hooting, and whistling, creating the only buzz… Continue reading Going Home, Sinatra – a short story


Mrs. Chandelier

Mrs. Chandelier she was called in those partsshe hosted many a party for the elite folk in grand halls and boathouses and yatchstook pride in her looks and lots of photos Mrs. Chandelier was a socialite (no butterfly)confident, personable and a muse to many artists and painters who'd recreate her smile Her best friend- her… Continue reading Mrs. Chandelier

Ishaisms, Poetry

The Boatman Series (7) – The Boatman and the Tale of the Moneylender

Starless winter night, the cold, dark waters - the stench of smouldering ashes in the atmosphere; the pungent reek of the bloody and the bloodier, greet the Moneylender when he returns to the harbour - asking, "How now, Boatman, is that you by the pillar?" - and nears him to examine his countenance clearer -… Continue reading The Boatman Series (7) – The Boatman and the Tale of the Moneylender