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Adrift and afraid, the faithful looks for God…

Adrift, and afraid, the faithful looks for Godbarefoot in the burning marble, in temple garbforgetting in the moment what wishes to askforgetting why they'd even made the pilgrimage at allThe idols look back, questioning, what now?Priests with blank faces, point to the donation boxEach prayer has its own measure, its own worthWill mine be answered… Continue reading Adrift and afraid, the faithful looks for God…

God, Ishaisms, Poetry

Telling Beads

One by one each little prayerfalls upon Elysium's ear That in my telling of her beads,Angels may once more appearand say- 'What losses do you grieve now?Why joys pull forth in nostalgic sighs?What cries that in deserts resoundlike mirages of temple bells and paradise?Look, your beads gather dustand fingers bent, ache for warmth and restWhy… Continue reading Telling Beads

Ishaisms, Poetry

White fire

Image from Pinterest Walk barefoot, there's warmth in the woods,just as the wee hours set softly in, dark bluebefore the alabaster Dawn stretches herselfand the Moon hides himself 'neath her hues Walk barefoot, there are footsteps to guide youa river glistening in the hypnotic ivory glowsongs of mad drum beats, and lovers' sighssounds of rustling… Continue reading White fire