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Have you ever heard the tale of Aunty ji? The one who loves hovering over people's lives like a busy bee, to extract juicy tales from each young flower - she knows no rest - at your back, at all hours! She's the annoyingly boisterous social butterfly, laden with jewelry on kitty-party nights. She wants… Continue reading AUNTY JI

Ishaisms, satire

Uncle ji

Have you ever heard the tale of Uncle ji? Usually found guffawing at family parties, or spotted in the park jogging unfailingly each morning - did I say jog? (read- gawking at aunties). He has a knack for passing unsolicited advice like gas, any stinkin' solution to your problems - only Uncle ji has! These… Continue reading Uncle ji

Ishaisms, Poetry


He was pugnacious even then, she recalled... How his lying, scheming, devious brain, had her appalled! Every word a deception, every act a subterfuge, so despicable! Yet amongst his social circle, this scoundrel was huge- 'so amiable'! Ironic to think that he was once her chosen one, and she his muse.... Until he made away… Continue reading MORNING NEWS