Ishaisms, Poetry


I danced in the desert - a dervish to your love, devotee of our dreams; suppliant hands above surrendering burdens that before were juggled to and fro. Twirling in thankfulness, like a dazzling trinket or fiery ruby, finally at peace and in awe of the miracles and wonders you showed me... How you taught me,… Continue reading Dervish

Ishaisms, Poetry, Reflections


Dear reader, Shelley once wrote, “I fall upon the thorns of life, I bleed.” For years, I felt this way too and ended up wallowing in my sorrow. Questions of ‘Why me?’ haunted the dark corners of my mind and kept me from vacating this state for good. It was only in time that the… Continue reading O GARDENER!

Indifference, Ishaisms, Reflections


A certain numbness, a certain death, has always resided within my soul, and sometimes I can feel its heart beating… feel the numbness, hear death beat with a life of its own- a certain morose, yet regenerative kind of life- lying so close beside the fresh, vivacious, carefree part of me, that to smother one,… Continue reading INDIFFERENCE