Ishaisms, Poetry


Vernal breezes, silver showers - the lonely maiden dreams in her bower, watching a bird take flight above the tower, sighing, 'Lord, I wish I had that power!' Crisp grains of sand in the scorching desert; cracks in the barren ground running haphazard - the dusty, parched traveller beholds water - 'If only a mirage… Continue reading VISIONS

Ishaisms, Poetry

Victims of the times…

If only we lived in another age, you'd send me roses everyday, court my chaperoned self, and hold my hand as we walked down the turquoise lake. I'd write you long, perfumed letters, transport you to the last time we were together, tell you of my favourite books and tunes, which you'd then read and… Continue reading Victims of the times…

Ishaisms, Meditation, Reflections, Soul

In’sense’ Stick

They say the most commonplace of things can teach you life lessons, if you’re only aware. They say that truths are hidden everywhere, traveling through soulful silences, if you only listen. Are you aware? Are you listening? Have you ever seen and observed the life of a burning incense stick, dear reader? Yes, you heard… Continue reading In’sense’ Stick