Indifference, Ishaisms, Reflections


A certain numbness, a certain death, has always resided within my soul, and sometimes I can feel its heart beating… feel the numbness, hear death beat with a life of its own- a certain morose, yet regenerative kind of life- lying so close beside the fresh, vivacious, carefree part of me, that to smother one,… Continue reading INDIFFERENCE

Ishaisms, Poetry


A blood red rose, in her leafy abode, bloomed guarded by a fort of thorns. A slimy green toad, into her garden one night stole, crushing her petals in pursuit of a worm. The worm stuck in his throat; he lay dead on the mossy moat; to be cast away by the gardener next morn.… Continue reading ON LIFE AND DEATH

Ishaisms, Nostalgia, Poetry

The things that could have been…

At sixty-five years of age, with silver-greying hair, She sits on her cozy brown-leathered arm-chair; she closes her eyes and drifts back in time, to ponder over the past, and think, about all the things that aren’t, but could have been…   The pages of the past unfold and there she stands- a God gifted… Continue reading The things that could have been…