Ishaisms, Poetry

Make Mischief

The night sky conspires and the playful stars make mischief a purple evening is unveiled glimmering, sparkling beyond belief! Clouds carpet their airy domain as lamps beam for the lovers to behold the iridescent moon that welcomes them their eyes lit, lit like their souls... And then the rain does shower in sonatas sweeter than… Continue reading Make Mischief

Ishaisms, Love, Nature, Poetry

The Sun and the Mountain

He loved her like the sun loves the mountain... she was part of a hard and cold belt, he kissed her peak, her fear and pain, and in his touch, she did melt. And when in his touch she did melt, clear and bubbling did her rivers flow, for the true love and bliss that… Continue reading The Sun and the Mountain

Ishaisms, Nature, Short Story

The Wind and the Tree

In the days of old, on an isolated icy mountain, far up the Northern belt of a place that now boasts only of ruins, of debris, of poetry - of the essence of a great love that once existed; a great battle, that once was fought; and the low, pining rustling of the suspicious, secluded,… Continue reading The Wind and the Tree