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The Boatman Series (1) – The Boatman and the Traveller

Starless winter night, the cold, dark waters; The boatman comes to ferry the midnight travellers, Yet, waiting hatless, at the lonely harbour, head bent down, a solitary smoker, leans 'gainst the mossy ladder - coat revealing a silver dagger... Breaking into a sweat despite the shiver, The boatman reluctantly takes him in and stammers, "And… Continue reading The Boatman Series (1) – The Boatman and the Traveller


Mrs. Chandelier

Mrs. Chandelier she was called in those partsshe hosted many a party for the elite folk in grand halls and boathouses and yatchstook pride in her looks and lots of photos Mrs. Chandelier was a socialite (no butterfly)confident, personable and a muse to many artists and painters who'd recreate her smile Her best friend- her… Continue reading Mrs. Chandelier

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A Medieval Folklore

They said she lived in her family home -a castle erected two hundred years ago;and in her white satin nightgown did roam;oft looking out the beautiful turret window. They said she read many fables and loresbut most of all, loved the poems of Poe;perhaps it gave her some peace to to knowthat others had known… Continue reading A Medieval Folklore