Song of the Priestess (1)

God's Kiss When, come the full moon, she prayssolemn, appellant, on her knees,invoking the God, who then descends and lifts her up, saying he's pleased; ordaining for her to simply name whatever gifts she may desire she asks only to sing his praise in lands even beyond his empire;he takes her face between his hands… Continue reading Song of the Priestess (1)

Ishaisms, Poetry

The Boatman Series (1) – The Boatman and the Traveller

Starless winter night, the cold, dark waters; The boatman comes to ferry the midnight travellers, Yet, waiting hatless, at the lonely harbour, head bent down, a solitary smoker, leans 'gainst the mossy ladder - coat revealing a silver dagger... Breaking into a sweat despite the shiver, The boatman reluctantly takes him in and stammers, "And… Continue reading The Boatman Series (1) – The Boatman and the Traveller


The Goddess and the Disciple

What will he lay at her venerable feetsanctimonious love or wanton appetitethe Goddess beckons forth only himthat can offer satiating sacrificeThe Disciple steps forth to disrobeher languid laced raimentsagainst all reason and against hopeoffers this divine payment:Her name forever stained on his lipsher perfumes in each sacred placeher ardour in the words he speaksand only… Continue reading The Goddess and the Disciple


Mrs. Chandelier

Mrs. Chandelier she was called in those partsshe hosted many a party for the elite folk in grand halls and boathouses and yatchstook pride in her looks and lots of photos Mrs. Chandelier was a socialite (no butterfly)confident, personable and a muse to many artists and painters who'd recreate her smile Her best friend- her… Continue reading Mrs. Chandelier