Ishaisms, Poetry


You tell a story of the stories you've lived through the ages of stone, and war, and machine - eyes betraying an understanding beyond your years and stare, a polished equanimity, o equus! Do you see it too in your reflection upon a trench, when thirst gets the better of you demanding to be quenched?… Continue reading Horse

Ishaisms, Nature, Poetry

The Wilderness

The road was lit in a wild flower frenzy - a fray of ferns wayward and hapless, yellow trees rose in a tumultuous melee with battered rocks fragmented and strewn like shrapnel. Crisp cracks housed the dust in the grey concrete; dry buttresses boasted of mossy branches; browning bushes sneaked up suddenly like bandits, as… Continue reading The Wilderness

Ishaisms, Poetry

April Breeze

The affable and sultry April Breeze in lazy mornings does visit these streets. Her embrace is tender, her caress, a kiss; the clouds may swelter; never I, never me... Coldest thoughts evaporate like dewdrops, hardened hearts thaw like glistening peaks; soulful soothings allay the memory of sobs, streams of tears dare not invade these cheeks...… Continue reading April Breeze

Ishaisms, Poetry

A Happy Heart

Look beyond the thorns to the red rose bushes for beautiful leaves on twisted branches azure streams amid treacherous forests dark clouds that the sustainer of life houses... Prickly pines with their pristine reaches diamond dews on the morning grasses the gleaming orange tree when the sun rises the God painted hues of varied sunsets...… Continue reading A Happy Heart