Ishaisms, Poetry

Whispers of the Trees

The Mountains watched as the Trees conversed, on a scorching summer's day, about another Mountain now submerged, and become a turquoise bay... How battered and how ruined most Land, how filthy and how dead the Seas, how uncertain does the Forest stand... will someone hear their plea? The Mountains watched as the Trees conversed, on… Continue reading Whispers of the Trees

Ishaisms, Short Story


Today I heard the cooing of a dove… in the same melodious sing-song way as that blessed hour when I had heard one three years ago in that Winter’s morn…     The chilly mists rose up the towers, with a vague warning, signaling ‘twere better one kept the windows shut; for one’s submission unto… Continue reading THE PRINCESS AND THE DOVE

Ishaisms, Nature, Poetry

The Wilderness

The road was lit in a wild flower frenzy - a fray of ferns wayward and hapless, yellow trees rose in a tumultuous melee with battered rocks fragmented and strewn like shrapnel. Crisp cracks housed the dust in the grey concrete; dry buttresses boasted of mossy branches; browning bushes sneaked up suddenly like bandits, as… Continue reading The Wilderness