No peony am Ino refined graces have I to boast ofnor am I a rose,that coveted, is too proud to disarm herselfof her many swordsI am not the stoic lotusthat grows only amid earthy destructionfor I need love,lord knows I need love to growas sunshine from the purest of soulsnourishment in rays of gold...I am… Continue reading Wildflower


Today, the sun

Today, the sun before sunset rested in its seat of warm redAs long, grey, delicate outlines shone the hills and mountains How stoic is this lone star,how resolute and unfailing showing up in his grandeur each day...I can't help admiring The sun does not say to the earth"Not today, for my spirit darkens"What love and… Continue reading Today, the sun

Ishaisms, Nature, Poetry

The Wilderness

The road was lit in a wild flower frenzy - a fray of ferns wayward and hapless, yellow trees rose in a tumultuous melee with battered rocks fragmented and strewn like shrapnel. Crisp cracks housed the dust in the grey concrete; dry buttresses boasted of mossy branches; browning bushes sneaked up suddenly like bandits, as… Continue reading The Wilderness