Ishaisms, Short Story

Rum Chocolates For Dessert

It’s strange how some memories of hardly any significance at the moment can stick to your brain forever, can grow there, take root, and bear flowers in later years - their fragrance taking you back to the moment - now etched in your mind - and make you wonder how it was, that of all… Continue reading Rum Chocolates For Dessert

Ishaisms, Poetry


How can you tell my soul, to not dwell, on your thoughts; that you aren’t worth my time, are worth naught? I cling to you, cling to the good you once did, the good you once were, the words you said, the good I knew; opening up my reserve, my heart to you, like a… Continue reading BEREFT

Ishaisms, Nostalgia, Poetry

The things that could have been…

At sixty-five years of age, with silver-greying hair, She sits on her cozy brown-leathered arm-chair; she closes her eyes and drifts back in time, to ponder over the past, and think, about all the things that aren’t, but could have been…   The pages of the past unfold and there she stands- a God gifted… Continue reading The things that could have been…