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A violent summer storm'twas said took him washed ashore, unrecognisedsave by a copy of KeatsO poet, your passion your rebellion I applaud'Mad' may you have been But you're one of my godsThe first to truly inspireto whisper straight to my soulyour words came to lifethe moment I held them close And though I may wanderI… Continue reading Shelley

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There lived a pair o' sisters plain -one judgemental and one mean.Said Mean, one day, to her sibling"Judgemental, I say, you are terribly mean!"Now, Judgemental with mute contempt replied -(oh! that epitome of the smirk n' snide!) That bitter look made Mean's sharp tongue meaner;she cursed till it cut her own lip, like paper.Judgemental scrunched… Continue reading TWO SISTERS

Ishaisms, Wordsworth

Ode to one that loved and lost

Wordsworth, your lost loveand the pain you inked,remains as a wound now fresh in meand felt after all these years upon re-readingyour poems, and meetingyour pained spirit againI feel you now,you write about my fearsNo walk upon the hills to allay themNo host of golden daffodils enoughOnly the melancholy you speak of in the endOnly… Continue reading Ode to one that loved and lost