Ishaisms, Poetry


I danced in the desert - a dervish to your love, devotee of our dreams; suppliant hands above surrendering burdens that before were juggled to and fro. Twirling in thankfulness, like a dazzling trinket or fiery ruby, finally at peace and in awe of the miracles and wonders you showed me... How you taught me,… Continue reading Dervish

Ishaisms, Poetry, Soul


Away from this mire, to serenity and equipoise; no senselessness dire, no obstacle, no noise. Let the river of equanimity, carry all in its arms; the world in its entirety, protected from harm. Down to the ocean of placidity, withdrawn from delusion and fear, amid azure tranquility, one finds one's true Self near. Confusions reign… Continue reading Equipoise

Ishaisms, Poetry


Respite, that and that alone is what now I crave, to escape and fly, unnoticed, invisible, before I reach my grave. I have for too, too long now, sung this, my serenade, to the Ideal World, unto which I shall take that leap of faith. But wait, what if it doesn’t exist? It surely must,… Continue reading ALL THAT WE’VE LEFT BEHIND