I haven't video called him once as he undergoes treatment. When we speak, I ask him how well he is, how well the chemo has worked..and speak about my life. He asks me about work, about how I am.He asks me why I'm coughing if I do it even once. I inform him it's just… Continue reading Denial

Artistic Demon, Ishaisms, Poetry

Holy Unholy

They preached all answers lay in the lap of Heaven; they warned against any unholy liaison and alliance. The way had been spelled out in scriptures and commands; no deviation would be welcome, no dissent, no demands... Said keep your eyes on the road, and your heart with the divine - follow this one rule,… Continue reading Holy Unholy


September ’22

Many weeks have come and gone before, yet the one coming is brand newthough hopeful and daring I forge ahead, I'm taken over by betrayal's bluesOld leaves must fall for the new to arise, yet this time, the autumn is meOld relationships, old bonds must die, yet it's my soul that will be free Freedom-… Continue reading September ’22