Ishaisms, Poetry

Rainy Moonbeam

Rainy moonbeam, gleaming in the water, puddles spluttering droplets, of pearly white colour... Who do you wait for, thundering Luna luminescent? Why do you stay aloof, in dripping distance? Taking cover behind the cloud, percolating, palled and peering, milky melancholy glances around, have the stars kept you waiting? Come down, sweet moon, descend in glowing… Continue reading Rainy Moonbeam

Ishaisms, Poetry


Respite, that and that alone is what now I crave, to escape and fly, unnoticed, invisible, before I reach my grave. I have for too, too long now, sung this, my serenade, to the Ideal World, unto which I shall take that leap of faith. But wait, what if it doesn’t exist? It surely must,… Continue reading ALL THAT WE’VE LEFT BEHIND

Ishaisms, Poetry

The Shadows Come To Dance

Out of the caverns, into the light; full moon, not just a crescent illuminating the night; the shadows come to dance.   Milky midnight glory; plethora of twinkling stars; a thousand sinful stories, all through the wee hours, the shadows come to dance.   Cloaked in disgrace, stripped of decency; Outcry! Outrage! In satisfaction and… Continue reading The Shadows Come To Dance