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Away from this mire, to serenity and equipoise; no senselessness dire, no obstacle, no noise. Let the river of equanimity, carry all in its arms; the world in its entirety, protected from harm. Down to the ocean of placidity, withdrawn from delusion and fear, amid azure tranquility, one finds one's true Self near. Confusions reign… Continue reading Equipoise

Ishaisms, Poetry

Give me a poem…

Give me a poem on sleepless nights In the depths of anxiety give me a rhyme Give me a verbal melody to soothe my heart for in the notes of notes all troubles depart Give me a sonnet no needless sighing Let the sun set amid versifying Give me a poem in the blue morning… Continue reading Give me a poem…

Ishaisms, Poetry

Rainy Moonbeam

Rainy moonbeam, gleaming in the water, puddles spluttering droplets, of pearly white colour... Who do you wait for, thundering Luna luminescent? Why do you stay aloof, in dripping distance? Taking cover behind the cloud, percolating, palled and peering, milky melancholy glances around, have the stars kept you waiting? Come down, sweet moon, descend in glowing… Continue reading Rainy Moonbeam