1 My eyes droop with the heaviness of my sins and times laid bare in séances that compelled forth reminiscences. They filled each one, the empty chairs placed in the grand hall for the dead to fill "Come sit with me", someone said, and I laid bare my all, in memories. One by one recollecting… Continue reading Séances

Ishaisms, Poetry


Come now,Embrace the windBrave it, you know howShed your leaves, you have beforeHave let me down like your very boughs Let me curl up like brown, crushed leavesLet me lay down my burdens and die too.Promise me a fresh start, when the season's doneWhen bells begin to ring and Spring's dawnalights upon the hallowed groundMy… Continue reading Winter

Poetry, Ishaisms

Trojan Horse

Lady Luck stroked my face on a moonlit nighther gifts were plenty, her grace benign.I let myself wilt into a giddy sleep"Fortune hath chosen my bedside!" In the morning, horrified, I wake to seethe hue and cry, the dole and mire;"All lost!" "All lost!" is all they repeat...All is lost in the fire. I fall… Continue reading Trojan Horse