Ishaisms, Poetry

Same ol’

And the day wears on in worn out shoes the wear n' tear of yesterday alone's brand new Damp streets of the night before refuse to bathe in the sun And puddles of the past seem ordinary, not bothersome Another dusty frame above the mantle piece Another fallen one in the pile of autumn leaves… Continue reading Same ol’

Ishaisms, Poetry

The Old Crowd

Where is the old crowd now? The old poets, those storytellers... Where are they that never took a bow, quiet, sincere, bold creators? Oh, shallow and pretentious these days every Tom, Dick and Harry gallivant the streets! Poetry replaced with hollow syllables and phrase - not dripping with soul as they used to be. I'm… Continue reading The Old Crowd

Ishaisms, Reflections, time


Time is such a deceptive concept – but then again, that’s all it is… a concept. It has different moods, and plays different roles; sometimes solemn, sometimes frivolous; sometimes a healer (or mostly, just a drug); and sometimes a nagger. It takes different forms, like water;coming like the waves that break upon the shore, and… Continue reading THE TIDE OF TIME