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All good things to those who…

You love the sunny weather, but the heat is too strong yet you can't complain - at least, the rain has stopped browning leaves have retained colour and moisture kisses the ground as you wait for your prayers to be answered chained by the fear that they won't... You fight against the barricades that restrain… Continue reading All good things to those who…

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The Son of the Slave

I played for long hours under the scorching Egyptian heat, with my friends, the children of the street… I had no mother, my father was my life; he gave me home and food, I was a strong lad, living a life both satisfactory and good. My friends envied me, for my father gave me more… Continue reading The Son of the Slave

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The Shadows Come To Dance

Out of the caverns, into the light; full moon, not just a crescent illuminating the night; the shadows come to dance.   Milky midnight glory; plethora of twinkling stars; a thousand sinful stories, all through the wee hours, the shadows come to dance.   Cloaked in disgrace, stripped of decency; Outcry! Outrage! In satisfaction and… Continue reading The Shadows Come To Dance