Woman with child

Maybe it's not about the man at all"I will not have a child" I saidThey replied you won't know until you find the right manI remained adamant, defiantUntil I watched them proven right before my very eyesMaybe it's not about the man at all it's only about loveAbout love and devotion and loyalty and passion… Continue reading Woman with child


On Fall ’22

I haven't seen any leaves fallthis AutumnThey're still up there, as though waiting, waitingThe air seemsimpregnated with anticipationroots restlessa certain change in the breathingof tree trunks, among the grasses a nervous sighing whisperings in the nightYet, it's almost like they know something's comingYou can sense they're waiting for something to be set rightPerhaps they're waiting...for… Continue reading On Fall ’22