Ishaisms, Poetry

On a rainy day I sat to read…

On a rainy day I sat to read, with a mug of scalding hot tea... but watched instead the dripping rain, from the edges of the concrete, by the window of my study... In perfect unison did they drip - like the deft finger movements of a pianist, playing a stormy sonata on the neighbouring… Continue reading On a rainy day I sat to read…

Ishaisms, Poetry

Rainy Moonbeam

Rainy moonbeam, gleaming in the water, puddles spluttering droplets, of pearly white colour... Who do you wait for, thundering Luna luminescent? Why do you stay aloof, in dripping distance? Taking cover behind the cloud, percolating, palled and peering, milky melancholy glances around, have the stars kept you waiting? Come down, sweet moon, descend in glowing… Continue reading Rainy Moonbeam