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I woke up to a terrible storm ravaging my world… An overpowering wind threatened entrance by force as the floor length windows shuddered. The curtains had succumbed to the call of the wind yet remained sucked and concaved into the glass panes, flapping fitfully at the separation. A bleak, gloomy day – pale yellow, as… Continue reading SINGING IN THE RAIN

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Of imitation and flattery…and market squares

Is that the cost of inspiration, then? You steal from the artist an idea, a thought, a penny, in the market square and say it's borrowed? Is that the price you pay for a good deed not unpunished; the law of Karma nullified; not returned by another fair and square - stolen, to be returned… Continue reading Of imitation and flattery…and market squares

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The Calling

I must confess something today, dear reader – for the longest time since my book was published, I felt nothing. Strange, for someone who’d been versifying since the age of seven and working all her life towards that day, to feel nothing, isn’t it? I thought it must be the nerves, or the initial shock,… Continue reading The Calling