5 years on WordPress

Ishaisms Though I registered on WordPress on this day, in 2017, it wouldn't be until the second of January in 2018 that I would make my first blog post. I was always someone for traditional publishing- not wanting my work to be put up online, until a close friend created and gifted the blog to… Continue reading 5 years on WordPress

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I woke up to a terrible storm ravaging my world… An overpowering wind threatened entrance by force as the floor length windows shuddered. The curtains had succumbed to the call of the wind yet remained sucked and concaved into the glass panes, flapping fitfully at the separation. A bleak, gloomy day – pale yellow, as… Continue reading SINGING IN THE RAIN

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The Moon and The River

Image from Pinterest Lord, he has me by the soulevery fibre of my beingto his spirit does respondHis voice, the lunar tidal pullthat my sentient waters nocturnaldo torment, and claim all ofpulling too close to the lightthen kissing, ravaging, stormingback to the shadows of the nightand he's in me, in all of megleaming upon every… Continue reading The Moon and The River