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There lived a pair o' sisters plain -one judgemental and one mean.Said Mean, one day, to her sibling"Judgemental, I say, you are terribly mean!"Now, Judgemental with mute contempt replied -(oh! that epitome of the smirk n' snide!) That bitter look made Mean's sharp tongue meaner;she cursed till it cut her own lip, like paper.Judgemental scrunched… Continue reading TWO SISTERS

Ishaisms, Poetry


Image from Pinterest They were right to warn you about the budding compliments,the bubbling banter and the flatterythat leads down the rabbit hole of narcissistic delightof pulling rose petals out in an oscillating "do they, don't they" frenzy,tossing and turning and teasing all night. Until the bounds of propriety are shamelessly skirted about and upon;the… Continue reading Flirtations

humour, Ishaisms, Poetry

(Please) don’t say hello! – A manual for the socially anxious.

Of the few blessings bestowed upon our kind, loving from a distance is most benign.Declining calls, (then text messaging), a godsent;to openly socialise you never were meant!Bumping into "Hello"ing acquaintances is an ordeal -brace yourself for the range of anxiety you'll feel!Smiling won't come easy, nor making small talk,try looking down (or anywhere else) when… Continue reading (Please) don’t say hello! – A manual for the socially anxious.