Many years

Many years I've lostharbouring hope like a babytoo long in the comingbut nurtured and cared for each day, each nightwith more love than thatthe preceding dawn only to be greeted stillborn Many years I've lostMany years I've losta meek, docile lambtoo easily led, too caringto run away from the pen where each day new icy… Continue reading Many years

Ishaisms, Poetry

White fire

Image from Pinterest Walk barefoot, there's warmth in the woods,just as the wee hours set softly in, dark bluebefore the alabaster Dawn stretches herselfand the Moon hides himself 'neath her hues Walk barefoot, there are footsteps to guide youa river glistening in the hypnotic ivory glowsongs of mad drum beats, and lovers' sighssounds of rustling… Continue reading White fire