Ishaisms, Reflections


I’ve sought long to seek answers to this desperate thirst, this aching pull towards companionship, towards other souls; the need to draw and be drawn to another human – brought out by the innate understanding that one’s burdens weren’t meant to be borne by oneself alone; that the cloak of loneliness was to be shed,… Continue reading OF LOVE AND WAR

Ishaisms, Poetry

What Happened After War

True, my lover blue, was sweet as sugar to meTrue, she loved her man, and called him honeyTrue, she gave him her all, and two children tooBut the war changed all that- war changes you True, I came home to a house full o' strangersTrue, comfort seemed alien, as did my toddlersTrue, she looked at… Continue reading What Happened After War

Ishaisms, Short Story


Today I heard the cooing of a dove… in the same melodious sing-song way as that blessed hour when I had heard one three years ago in that Winter’s morn… The chilly mists rose up the towers, with a vague warning, signaling ‘twere better one kept the windows shut; for one’s submission unto the damp… Continue reading THE PRINCESS AND THE DOVE