Ishaisms, Poetry


Come now,Embrace the windBrave it, you know howShed your leaves, you have beforeHave let me down like your very boughs Let me curl up like brown, crushed leavesLet me lay down my burdens and die too.Promise me a fresh start, when the season's doneWhen bells begin to ring and Spring's dawnalights upon the hallowed groundMy… Continue reading Winter


Going Home, Sinatra – a short story

The station was empty, save for the moths fluttering by the lemon glow of the lone light bulb. You could almost hear the quietness, the eerie lull so characteristic to my town. Quiet, lost and forgotten little place. Existing in secret.  The train came in, huffing and puffing, hooting, and whistling, creating the only buzz… Continue reading Going Home, Sinatra – a short story