“…That is all ye need to know…”

If 'Beauty is Truth'I've seen honesty in the face Looked into its heart of gold 'neath the blue-grey surfaceO Keats, I must beg your pardonfor all your verses in tributeof the depictions in the Urnstill kept you from your TruthFor if it be beauty then, I'm afraid, you remained bereftfor you couldn't have looked into… Continue reading “…That is all ye need to know…”


Writer’s Block

My words are barrentheir cracks run deepand nothing grows in such heathen debris I replaced structurewith dry blank verse (or what I tend to callnonsense by amateurs)Inspiration- you slut,are you in coffee houseswith ashen cigarette butts amid poet-sleeved blouses?Tell me you're not so literalor that you have a type-no choice for me but to belittlemyself… Continue reading Writer’s Block



Tonight, O ye poets of oldwhen the muse's voice seems a thousand nights away Be the lesser voices, still potent prove for me and my quill to be moved and swayedFor this soul needs stirringthe spirit must feel again...the blood of poetryflowing through the veins until pierced, there's ink enough that all voices are silenced