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In’sense’ Stick

They say the most commonplace of things can teach you life lessons, if you’re only aware. They say that truths are hidden everywhere, traveling through soulful silences, if you only listen. Are you aware? Are you listening? Have you ever seen and observed the life of a burning incense stick, dear reader? Yes, you heard… Continue reading In’sense’ Stick

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The Real in the Unreal

​It’s funny how the world is so full of contradictions; how every time a proposition is presented, the contradictions come rushing in - the opponents, the critics, the naysayers. Not to sound too morose, but I find the greatest contradiction has manifested itself in regards to the impending inevitable, the doom, the death, the mortality,… Continue reading The Real in the Unreal

Ishaisms, Nostalgia, Poetry

The things that could have been…

At sixty-five years of age, with silver-greying hair, She sits on her cozy brown-leathered arm-chair; she closes her eyes and drifts back in time, to ponder over the past, and think, about all the things that aren’t, but could have been… The pages of the past unfold and there she stands- a God gifted brain,… Continue reading The things that could have been…

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It’s funny how I’ve never had a conversation as honest, as deep and as “me” as I had, and still do, with my diary- or journal- call it what you will. And it’s funny since that’s not really a conversation; a one-sided one at most.  Any person who ever came as close to being a… Continue reading COLOUR OF THE SOUL