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This is a page, dear reader, from my life about a love both secret and unspoken, for, you see, she was the landlord’s wife – and I, a lonely surveyor and month long tenant. On a misty eve in an icy, grey, November, did I make my way to her elegant door, as the mountains… Continue reading THE LANDLORD’S WIFE


I don’t want to be one of the poets

I don't want to be one of the poetswho loved so deep it broke their heartthat they wrote like none had ever writtenearning millions of lovers for their art I don't want to be one of the poetsthat paid a price in blood and died in lifereleasing their soul in all of their versesto be… Continue reading I don’t want to be one of the poets

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A violent summer storm'twas said took him washed ashore, unrecognisedsave by a copy of KeatsO poet, your passion your rebellion I applaud'Mad' may you have been But you're one of my godsThe first to truly inspireto whisper straight to my soulyour words came to lifethe moment I held them close And though I may wanderI… Continue reading Shelley