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On a delicately scintillating night, did the luminescent fireflies, gather behind bushes to gaze at the moon; for long had they heard of her milky white, her understated brilliance and pale light, that had caused many a scribe to swoon! Awed by the humble resplendent satellite glowing without pride in that turquoise twilight on that… Continue reading Fireflies

Ballad, Ishaisms, Poetry


This is a page, dear reader, from my life about a love both secret and unspoken, for, you see, she was the landlord’s wife – and I, a lonely surveyor and month-long tenant. On a misty eve in an icy, grey, November, did I make my way to her elegant door, as the mountains with… Continue reading THE LANDLORD’S WIFE

Ishaisms, Poetry

The Boatman and the Preacher

Starless winter night, the cold, dark waters - the Boatman runs from the formidable harbour, and finding a little church, does hurriedly enter to bare his burdened soul to the preacher. His feet thud on the the rug, haggard and tired as he cries uttering an incoherent prayer - afraid of deeds on earth and… Continue reading The Boatman and the Preacher

Ishaisms, Poetry


Hush, look up! What d'you see? higher than the trees, brighter than these earthen lamps and more glorious than the rainbow that boasts only of its seven colours? A million tiny, twinkling stars, bursting into magic, for tonight, the universe itself celebrates you in fireworks! Let your heart be merry this festive night, child, let… Continue reading Fireworks

Ishaisms, Poetry

The Boatman and the Tale of the Moneylender

Starless winter night, the cold, dark waters - the stench of smouldering ashes in the atmosphere; the pungent reek of the bloody and the bloodier, greet the Moneylender when he returns to the harbour - asking, "How now, Boatman, is that you by the pillar?" - and nears him to examine his countenance clearer -… Continue reading The Boatman and the Tale of the Moneylender

Ishaisms, Reflections

On the voyage of life…

[Dear reader, I’m sharing another page from my diary, penned many years ago, in an attempt to heal from the death of a loved one, by thinking of and trying to validate in (dramatic) prose, the purpose of existence and the joy of living, and invalidate the stressful, unfounded thoughts (that once gravely afflicted me)… Continue reading On the voyage of life…