Ishaisms, Poetry


This is a page, dear reader, from my life about a love both secret and unspoken, for, you see, she was the landlord’s wife – and I, a lonely surveyor and month long tenant. On a misty eve in an icy, grey, November, did I make my way to her elegant door, as the mountains… Continue reading THE LANDLORD’S WIFE


“…That is all ye need to know…”

If 'Beauty is Truth'I've seen honesty in the face Looked into its heart of gold 'neath the blue-grey surfaceO Keats, I must beg your pardonfor all your verses in tributeof the depictions in the Urnstill kept you from your TruthFor if it be beauty then, I'm afraid, you remained bereftfor you couldn't have looked into… Continue reading “…That is all ye need to know…”


Song of the Priestess (2)

Born, the scribe In this world entranced by idol worshipI have found the living God He demands no sacrifice, no hymnsonly my soul in ink-drops His potent blessings to me are plenty so sweet, they curl my toes coursing through each vein in ecstasythat only in His verses find succour For it is only in… Continue reading Song of the Priestess (2)