Ishaisms, Poetry


This black shroud of depressionlaced with lost times droops over the dreamy eyethat refuses to wake up, and casting itasunder, walkfree toliveIt has resignedto its fate,and waits for the oilto be poured over itso it can charinto nothingnessletting goof Mayaand delusion and any hope,but the final sleep © ishaisms

Ishaisms, Poetry

Painted Nymph

All the cups of colours on the floor;the nymph drips in moistened hues...Paintbrushes and their deft strokeshave laboured in love for this view.Reds and blues, they swirl on her,but purple is her crowning jewel...And what poet can paint in verse the beauty that her pinks do hold?The masterpiece of the artist, she-the most striking canvassed… Continue reading Painted Nymph

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Words of a Melting Candle…

I woke from a heavy slumber upon being lit again. A mere stub now… That stature and pride of youth gone, but leaving behind like molten wax trickling down my wintry body, the illumination of wisdom that comes with time and a lifetime of service. Would you like to hear a dying light’s flickering words… Continue reading Words of a Melting Candle…

Ishaisms, Poetry


Image from Pinterest They were right to warn you about the budding compliments,the bubbling banter and the flatterythat leads down the rabbit hole of narcissistic delightof pulling rose petals out in an oscillating "do they, don't they" frenzy,tossing and turning and teasing all night. Until the bounds of propriety are shamelessly skirted about and upon;the… Continue reading Flirtations