Ishaisms, Poetry

Odyssey of Life

I knew when I embarked on this quest, knew there'd be no pause, no rest, knew I'd have to pass all the tests, failure isn't an option in this odyssey of life. I knew when it had begun raining sorrow, my parched spirituality by the day would grow, and though I'd be too weary for… Continue reading Odyssey of Life

Ishaisms, Poetry

O Vulnerable One

Why do you hide your hopes and dreams, your darkest sins, your memories, O Vulnerable One? Why won't you let down your walls, show who you are and bare your all, O Vulnerable One? Why do you fear heartbreak and abandonment, veil your truth in layers of raiment, O Vulnerable One? Don't you know that… Continue reading O Vulnerable One

Ishaisms, Nature, Poetry

Farmer’s Song

The earth longs for the rain, the thundering of the clouds; the freshness in the air and retreat of the drought… When will this famine leave, when will lives prosper? When will times improve and life be better? Oh, after the rain, how fresh the air; how green the grasses effulge everywhere! Drenched fields grow… Continue reading Farmer’s Song