humour, Ishaisms, Poetry


There lived a pair o’ sisters plain –
one judgemental and one mean.
Said Mean, one day, to her sibling
“Judgemental, I say, you are terribly mean!”
Now, Judgemental with mute contempt replied –
(oh! that epitome of the smirk n’ snide!)

That bitter look made Mean’s sharp tongue meaner;
she cursed till it cut her own lip, like paper.
Judgemental scrunched her nose up so high in scorn,
it stuck. “Still better”, she judged, “than a lip torn!”

Both sisters ugly from within,
were uglier now for all to see;
both prisoners to their insecurities,
never to be free.
And everyone who saw them teased,
and tossed words bitter –
still, both sisters agreed,
they, would have done it better.

Β© Isha Garg

Instagram @author_isha_g


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